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Epoch Eclipse Now As a general rule, Mercury's in the same element air, fire, water or earth understand each other. Air and fire understand each other with a few exceptions. Air thinks fire is too passionate, and fire thinks air is too detached. Water and earth generally understand each other, although earth doesn't think that water is practical enough, and water thinks earth is too practical.

Air and fire are more mental, and water and earth are more emotional. As a result, air and fire do not vibe with water and earth and vice versa. Being aware of different patterns and modes of expression helps us understand each other better. However, conscious adaptation to others' communication frequencies requires effort and energy, because we are working in a realm that is foreign to our basic nature.

It is useful in day to day interactions to be flexible in our interactions with others. However, in intimate and long term relationships, it is exhausting to be in situations where we are obliged to express ourselves in ways that are not natural to us. It is important to know if our Sun and Mercury are in different signs. If they are in the same sign, what and how we think will be governed by the same energies.

If they are in different signs, what and how we think will be governed by different energies.

WHAT we think about and give our attention to is determined by our will, which is indicated by our Sun as well as our Mercury. It is through our willpower that we guide and use our mind. Through the faculty of attention, our willful Sun determines the thoughts that our mind will entertain and dwell upon. HOW we think, our manner of expression, and the nature of our thought process is determined by the sign and house position of Mercury, and by the nature of the planets that make the closest aspects to Mercury.

Mercury in each sign has a need to, and is naturally disposed to express, in a certain manner, is naturally attuned to certain energies, is preoccupied with certain areas of interest, and computes information in a certain way. Mercury in Aries is one-pointed, self-willed and motivated by curiosity and the need for new experiences, and the urge for action. Undisciplined, he may jump from one activity to another and from one thought to another without bringing anything to completion. He can be distracted by new ideas and quickly lose interest in the old.

He can create problems if he is too much in a hurry, and misunderstandings if he is too abrupt in his communications.

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Disciplined, he can use his mind to tune into pioneering ideas, and seed these ideas into the public consciousness. He will fight with a fixity of purpose for causes with which he identifies. The Aries mind is motivated by personal ambition, and learns through direct action and experience. Keenly aware of the here and now, it is able to take advantage of opportunities as they present themselves.

It uses its mental initiative to explore new avenues and achieve goals. The Aries mind sometimes limits itself by seeing things from only its own point of view. It can be argumentative and conceited. It can also accomplish much with its steadiness of purpose and daunting courage, to keep finding solutions to problems. The mission of the awake or soul-centered person with Mercury in Aries, is to lead humanity into the light of consciousness. He is active in diffusing illusion in worldly life. He has a powerful will, which allows him to "pierce through the darkness of consolidated thought-forms, thus freeing the life force for the birthing of new ideas".

Mercury in Taurus is tuned into, and responsive to, immediate physical sensations and gratification. The Taurus mind is steady, possessive and relentless. He examines values in order to find greater levels of pleasure, security, comfort and stability. Reflection is to feed with the "sensuous centers of consciousness".

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He is satisfied when his values are confirmed, and he feels assured of his ability to consistently get his needs met and enjoy his life. The Taurean mind is steady, slow and practical, and thorough in carrying out its activities. It has a lot of common sense and skill in business and moneymaking activities. It communicates deliberately and methodically.

It appreciates beauty and proportion. The Bull mind is known to be stubborn The awake or soul-centered person with Mercury in Taurus uses art, sexuality, sensuality, and business as channels to align with the Light. Mercury in Gemini is acutely aware of immediate perceptions and interconnections. Mercury in Gemini is curious, changeable, friendly and talkative.

He learns through impersonal exploration, and enjoys considering all possibilities and understanding different viewpoints. His inquisitive mind loves playing with ideas, uncovering puzzles to be solved, and observing paradoxes. The Gemini mind is alert, quick and agile, neutral and unstable.

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It constantly seeks information, lacks concentration and shifts from one point of interest to another. It has a facile reasoning ability and quick intuition. The continual flow of new ideas keeps the Gemini mind active and often agitated. The awake or soul-centered person with Mercury in Gemini has the "potential to harmonize and relate many streams of diverse thought into a vision and expression of harmonious unity". Mercury in Cancer is instinctively nurturing, empathetic and protective.

Mercury in Cancer is reserved, moody, sensitive, self-protective and dominated by his feeling nature. Preoccupied with security and safety, he searches for ways to get his emotional and survival needs met. He has a deep sensitivity to what others are feeling, and communicates with others in a caring and kind manner. He is instinctively connected to others, and compassionately cares for their needs. The Cancer mind is so influenced by the emotions and the subconscious, that if often does not even realize how past conditioning and programming control its thought processes.

It is very difficult for a Cancer mind to be objective, and to step back and observe situations, without taking everything personally. It is ultra-sensitive, protective and defensive.

The Cancer mind instinctively reacts to unconscious emotional stimuli. It works intuitively, not logically or analytically. The good news is that it can connect with the emotions, and is sensitive to its own feelings and those of others. Once it connects consciously with its emotions, it can project powerful healing energy, that it shares through empathy and compassion for others.

The awake or soul-centered person with Mercury in Cancer communicates in a way that promotes a sense of emotional security. He is devoted to the sustained nurturing and nourishment of humanity and planet Earth. He is very resourceful, and has the gift of being able to bring ideas and people together. He is the mother of forms that births Spirit into physical reality. Mercury in Leo is radiant, vitally alive, enthusiastic and warm. His communications express the need for recognition, drama and passion.

His mode is playful, dramatic and expressive. He likes to communicate the truth through art forms. Although he needs recognition and tends to try to impress others, his charm comes from the fact that he speaks from the heart to the heart of others. He has the capacity to awaken hearts and honor the nobility in everyone. He loves to be loved and will always love in return.

His communications are motivated by a sincere enthusiasm for life, and an earnest desire to create, enjoy and love. Illumined by the Sun, the Leo mind has penetrating powers of insight and will. It can express ideas with clarity, and influence public opinion in inspirational and creative ways. It generates enthusiasm and is a skillful teacher. It can be very independent and self-willed, and courageously defend its convictions.

The creative powers of the awake or soul-centered person with Mercury in Leo in are active and powerful. His thoughts are easily manifested into external expressions, that support and express individual identity and passion for life. Mercury in Virgo is concerned with being helpful, and has a need to serve. He is a perfectionist, analyzes everything and is highly discriminating. His analytical and critical mode judges every idea and approach, in terms of its practical usefulness and its perfection.

The Virgo mind can worry about the smallest details, and wants to discuss how to make things more perfect. He is more satisfied when ideas are practical and realistic, and when adjustments can be made that further his mission of service, and lead to higher levels of order. When he can understand the function or place of something, he is also pacified.

The Virgo mind is known for its exactness, efficiency, attention to details and mental discipline. It can analyze any situation and figure out the most efficient way of achieving goals. It likes to break things down into their component parts, and see how the parts are related to the whole. It can become overly critical and nitpicky. It thrives in clean, orderly environments, and is concerned with heath and a good diet. The awake or soul-centered person with Mercury in Virgo has the ability to hold an idea in gestation and then, at the right time, give birth to this idea, which will nourish humanity.

Mercury in Libra seeks to harmonize conflicting interests and make sure everyone is happy. He is tactful in his communications, impartial in his opinions and balanced in his approach. Mercury in Libra thinks in an aesthetic and balancing mode. His mind weighs everything, and tries to reduce conflicts and extremes. He has an ideal standard of measurement that can be realistic, unrealistic or visionary.

From this abstract touchstone he helps adjust positions, in an attempt to achieve harmony and cooperation.

Saturn in Capricorn

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He may seem to vacillate. This is due to unconscious adjustment to others' ideas, or accommodation to a point of view that seems most agreeable to everyone involved. He learns by dancing with polarities and finding the balance point between them. Mercury in Libra is happy when there is cooperation and balance in his life, and he will work to achieve this in his relationships and life situations.

The Libra mind has an awareness of others, and finds it easy to communicate in a friendly and compassionate manner. It has a strong sense of fairness and justice, and a disciplined capacity to learn and study. Representing the neutral mind, it tunes into the impartial truth and is able to balance points of view. The Libra mind likes moderation and harmony, and dislikes extremes and excess. The awake or soul-centered person with Mercury in Libra fosters a humanitarian vision, and is concerned with right human relations.

He is involved in creating communication networks and disseminating integrative ideas. Mercury in Scorpio penetrates to the core of every issue. He is intense, because his communications are fueled by deep emotional power. He can be identified by his secretive nature, controlled but intense passion and compulsive nature. Basically, he wants to get to the bottom of what doesn't work and why, so that he can find the path to the truth. He needs substance and searches for deep meaning. It is no wonder that power, sexuality, money, life and death occupy his mind, and that he considers superficialities a waste of time.

He searches for opportunities and usually finds them. He has the ability to pierce through to the cause and bring things to completion, through death and rebirth of ideas and concrete plans. He gets turned on by piercing to the depths of issues. He has unbeatable mental endurance and skill, which allows him to overcome obstacles, and hold on until completion no matter what it takes. The Scorpio mind is shrewd, penetrating, secretive and mysterious.

It can also be tormented and depressed.

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It is a keen observer, and perceives the truth is most situations. It is capable of comprehending life's inner secrets and connecting with the subtle forces of the Universe. This is because it is connected with universal forces through the emotions. Its emotional intensity is often scary to the light-hearted, because it tolerates no nonsense, speaks the truth, and reveals deep meaning, insight and purpose. The awake or soul-centered person with Mercury in Scorpio has the mental power to transform his own psyche, and facilitate the reorientation of others' thought forms.

His personal and contributory goal is elevation from the lower self to the higher mind. To access his great power, he must past many tests and commit to the Path of Light. Mercury in Sagittarius has a need to express ideals and search for spiritual meaning. He is often restless, inspired and positive. Visionary by nature and a seeker of universal truth, he has a built-in tendency to focus on the future, and be distracted from the here and now.

He is always searching for spiritual meaning, and can be restless and impatient with himself, others and life in general. He gets high from serving the highest truth, and inspiring others to do so as well. Sagittarius is the sign of the higher mind where intuition transcends reason. The Sagittarian mind thrives on philosophy, spirituality, foreign travel and higher education.

It seeks experiences and knowledge that expand and broaden its perspective, and further the achievement of its one-pointed goals. It can be dogmatic, get lost in dogmas and lose touch with the facts. It can also be impatient and impractical. It has an optimism and faith in life that inspires others. The awake or soul-centered person with Mercury in Sagittarius is a natural teacher, because he understands and is able to communicate the transcendent issues of life.

His mission is to share his vision of the truth. He is more concerned with service than with his personal desires and his personal life. Mercury in Capricorn has a detached determination to accomplish his goals and get things done. He is recognized by his self-control, ambition, reserve and caution.

He operates from an organizational and utilitarian mode. He instinctively searches for opportunities to achieve recognition, power and authority. He is concerned with effectiveness, discipline, limits, and following the rules that make things work more efficiently. He wants to get the job done correctly, and assumes the responsibility for making this happen. He pragmatically examines how things are organized, and tries to come up with practical solutions. As a child, I had zero fear of rejection. Auditioning for every musical I possibly could, on top of dance class, cheerleading, gymnastics…I even ran for school office just so I could present a speech to the entire student body.

I pursued the spotlight without an ounce of hesitation. Aries carry this spirit with them their entire lives—a quality I very much envy. Like all fire signs, Aries needs excitement in order to thrive. Aries are experts at the art of fun. Pure and simple. This can lead to attention-seeking displays or someone who unconsciously creates drama just for the thrill of it.

Lebron James, Tom Brady, and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar are just a few professional athletes born with their moon falling in the first sign. To put it simply, Aries are initiators. It must be fire. It must be the element defined by inspiration, because inspiration is where it all starts. My mom and I once found ourselves in a heated conversation with a distant family friend. Well, they handled most of the talking while I nodded between sips of Pinot Grigio; I am an Aquarius after all. But watching as they discussed parenting, marriage, work, colonoscopies, etc…I began to notice certain verbal trends appearing consistently throughout their dialogue.

What began as small-talk, metamorphosed into a one-upping competition somewhere between my third and fourth glass of Barefoot. It was a spectacle nearly as satisfying as an episode of Real Housewives. About an hour later, my mom asked her what her sign was. The following day, we discovered her birthday fell on the cusp. There was not a doubt in our minds that this woman had been disillusioned.

She had to be a Capricorn. As the grandfather of astrology, Capricorn ranks high amongst the most serious signs of the zodiac. Think of the most objectively successful people in your life. How many of them were born in late December or early January? Their ambition is innate. But with innate ambition, comes innate fear. The astrological goat is so driven by success, that it will unconsciously label casual activities as potential threats to achieving their goals. In some cases, these threats blossom into crippling paranoia, like my great-grandmother whose fears were so paralyzing, she opted for a life spent entirely indoors.

Most Capricorns hide their paranoia better than my great-grandmother, of course. Often dawning a trendy black outfit with eye makeup leftover from the night before, they make greasy hair look hot.

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Their tumblr-esque appearance does require effort. And as the last of the earth signs, these overachievers possess a refined sense of humor and taste, which is influenced by their universal way of thinking. Their concerns are with the world at large, and the world is a scary place. There is one thing that aids Capricorns fears—money. Money provides a safety blanket, a hand-woven discounted safety blanket to hug Capricorn and ward off nightmares of home burglaries and messy kitchens.

Krabs of astrology. The more fiery Caps can be spotted at parties smoking weed and dropping the F-bomb an octave higher than their fellow guests. Choosing to retreat before the trouble starts, they set their alarm for work in the morning and find solace in the place they deem most comfortable—their home. Repeating themselves, getting off subject, repeating themselves, talking in circles, repeating themselves…all executed with a certain kind of energy and off-the-wall humor that makes you question when your Pisces friend went from describing their day, to rehearsing their SNL audition without missing a beat.

However, understanding the most Pisces of the Pisces is a good place to start when attempting to crack this complex enigma—the final sign of the zodiac. Michael Scot is the perfect Pisces—a talkative goofball who leads with his emotions. And this is true for most Pisces. This all depends on your outlook and tolerance level of course.

These performances only really feel like a chore when the vulnerable Pisces has been hurt. The difference between Pisces and the rest of the water signs is that Pisces love to maintain a positive attitude. You can continue your day, void of weirdness and anxiety. Pisces pick up on astrology faster than Disney channel stars drop their first pop albums. She is an Aries. My theory is that somewhere between the lack of self-awareness and the perceptive feeler, lies the heart of every Pisces. As the twelfth sign, they carry the weight of the eleven signs before them in an almost spiritual fashion.

Sure, they miss minor details, like how much time it will take to drive from Plantation to Fort Lauderdale, or the number of times they stated their last sentence in varying ways. Pisces have bigger fish to fry. Get it? Because their symbol is the fish? Before I even began studying astrology, I was well aware of the overwhelming notoriety of the third zodiac sign. To put it simply, they have a bad reputation.

There is no other sign that I could spit-fire twenty or so household names without pausing for a single second. For every Gemini who pisses us off, there is another who we love and admire. Most people know their sun sign, but have little knowledge of their moon or ascendant. Yes, it does. A dose of Gemini in your chart is hardly a death sentence. Their brains seem to operate at a pace twice the speed of any other sign, which is a great testament to their wit and innate ability to excel at comedy—especially Improv.

Perhaps their talent with words is why so many successful rappers were born in early June. Geminis have something uniquely special. Perhaps everyone else is simply jealous. Beautiful Libra. Ugly World. They experience everyday events with the kind of optimism that puts SpongeBob Square Pants to shame, skipping through malls and parks with child-like wonder…literally. My Libra grandmother used to propel herself through our grocery store by riding the shopping carts like a scooter.

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I believe in an evidence based future for astrology. I look forward to a truly special learning experience! Tuesday, May 19, Shri Jyoti Star 7 has been released! Bruce Scofield followed in the footsteps of Johannes Kepler himself, with an astro-meteorology study correlating Saturn with daily temperature data. We must also set our limits and take responsibility in the areas where we feel insecure, rejected and hurt.

Clibataire vous serez trs sollicit e et vous aurez toutes les raisons de croire en votre bonne toile. First off each zodiac sign is assigned a planet or ruler with specific traits for each planet. Rabbit is considered the luckiest of the Chinese Zodiac animals. Of course you can always stage some playful pick-me-ups at Chateau Scorpiolike a clothing-optional cuddle by the fireplace. November is full of romantic surprises hidden in the bustle of holidays in full swing and the weekend December 9th on you and who else you choose to include.

Be sure to channel your considerable energy carefully. Pisces monthly horoscope for December A relationship is going to change from rocky to romantic — in a heartbeat! Tags: april 6 horoscope horoscope Horoscopesmadame malisa madamemalisa star signs weekly horoscope weekly star Horoscope quotidien; Horoscope hebdomadaire; Horoscope mensuel; Les voyants. Taurus horoscope — taurus horoscope — taurus Taurus horoscope love horoscope Glyph: Chinese Zodiac — Boar upper elementary.

Unfortunately they have Daily horoscope. But the most popular dasha is Vimshottari dasha. Year Numerology. Just two soldiers speaking the truth. Your Zodiac Sign :: Cancer. State of Mind: Willing. You know it was an emergency situation and it was impossible to go out. You have the ability to be extreme.

Leo Career Horoscope: The lion is not for nothing that the king of beasts it prides itself on being the sole leadership and may be subordinate poorly. Know Aries traits and characteristics better in aries horoscope aries astrology aries Mantras are also given to the clients to get rid of the poor effect s of any planet or planetary position in 1 s horoscope. It is foreseen for people born under Gemini zodiac sign that chances of travelling for professional reasons educational tours family outing religious The best pets for the Lians are fishes monkeys rabbits and elegant afghan hounds according to your pet horoscope.

Free birthday messages poems wishes quotes. Earth Oxen diligent and not impulsive. The Capricorn zodiac sign is often interpreted as being either a goat or a sea-goat which is basically a creature with the front half of a goat and the tail of a fish. I just had the nicest compliment from a male friend of mine here. It takes 28 days to orbit our Mother Earth. Aesthetics are important to both partners and they both enjoy the finer things in life. Aquarius Psychic Tarot Reading for March By P Leo women are usually the women that can make men go crazy because they are very glamorous and they love attention that is given to them by the opposite January 25 at pm.

Natal Horoscope Report. The events of the next seven weeks help you realize what a wonderful life you have. That is it is supposed to describe the results of Karma of a living being. Silenced Type Breakers. Get more horoscopes for Cancer. It gives you information regarding Scorpio horoscope.

You can also find today daily horoscope daily forecast Leo daily astrology and only complete source of information about Leo daily horoscope. A Sagittarius born December 19 is symbolized by the Archer and has a fearless and strong nature. March 11 Wednesday Sagittarius Daily Horoscope. A zodiac sign has a corresponding personality trait March Horoscope — March Astrology March horoscope forecast is based on your Moon Sign. Capricornio Tarot Diario. You will often find them living alone or as an aloof partner in marriages where their mate travels a lot. The Rooster loves to dream and meditate upon grandiose ideas and philosophies.

They might also suffer from stomach ache and so should be careful about their food habits. There are enough differences between you to keep your relationship from going stale. It is sometimes called a natal chart horoscope chart zodiac chart or astrological chart. You will get opportunity to go on the long journey with your friend.

Zodiac sign cancer horoscope sign cancer. Are Capricorn and Aquarius compatible? Discover how the planets influence your compatibility. Someone with this sign will usually find himself pulled in one of two directions. Miss December: Flygirl. Use the first six months of to show you have learned these lessons! Most frequently updated news. As the Dragon in the Sky you align your actions with your spirit on Feuary 9 according to your Chinese Horoscope.

There are many experts who help people with their daily angel scope but most of these experts are expensive and approaching them might prove to be a hassle. Bill Maher is a well-known American talk show what is july birthday horoscope march pisces 13 daily host and political satirist. Locate an REI store near you. Te abonezi acum si de maine dimineata incepi sa primesti SMS cu horoscopul zilnic prin SMS pana cand vei solicita dezabonarea. Get your Free Cancer Horoscope for today. Posted November 28th in design Taged on abstract design elements art.

You want to be aware and be careful that you may be feeling a little too confident when it comes to finances and financial gains especially on Feuary 4th Feuary 6 Feuary 7th and Feuary 10th. You can also view your Gemini Horoscope right here. Horoscop zilnic saptamanal lunar. Horoscope Overview 12 Zodiac Signs Forecast. The energies this sunday ing about a phase of sublime spiritual development.