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tussblocunit.tk Most of you are probably employed and the power in the 6th house shows extra jobs or overtime work.

It is also a good time to hire people. You will have plenty of applicants. Children and children figures have been prosperous all year, but now and especially after the 23rd they prosper even more.

Your personal prosperity seems strong this month too. Until the 22nd your financial planet is in the happy-go-lucky 5th house. It favours investments that cater to youth — music and entertainment. Financial opportunities come at resorts or places of entertainment. On the 22nd the financial planet moves into Sagittarius — a sign of expansion.

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Financial goals are very high now. Financial horizons get expanded. You should see an increase in earnings. Over-spending could be an issue. The financial planet in the 6th house shows earning from work — and probably, as was mentioned, you will have extra jobs or overtime. Thus family members are going outside their normal haunts. At times, your fixed ideas may be hard to move past. Prepare to read a detailed report below. The zodiac sign for November 17 is Scorpio.

Astrological symbol: Scorpio.


This is the symbol of the Scorpio zodiac for people born October 23 - November It is representative for willfulness, fierceness, clarity and resilience. The Latin name for the Scorpion, the November 17 zodiac sign is Scorpio. The French name it Scorpion while the Greeks say it is Scorpion. Opposite sign: Taurus. It is considered that partnerships of any kind between the Scorpio and Taurus sun sign people are the best in the zodiac and highlight bravery and friendliness.

Modality: Fixed.

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This quality of those born on November 17 proposes productivity and friendliness and also offers a sense of their generous nature. Ruling house: The eighth house. This house governs material possessions of others, the unknown and death. This explains the full of mystery, complex but troubled nature of Scorpio and the desire to have whatever others are having. Ruling body: Pluto.

This celestial body is said to influence honesty and determination.

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The Pluto name comes from the Roman god of the underworld. Pluto also suggests the attention in the lives of these natives. Element: Water. This element suggests the innate emotional nature of the individual born on November 17 and their tendency to go with the flow and accept the reality that surrounds them rather than question it.

Lucky day: Tuesday. This day is representative for the persistent nature of Scorpio, is ruled by Mars and suggests ardor and acceptance. People born on November 17 benefit from being forceful willed and unhesitating. They are also very tactile and attractive. Just like a true Scorpio, they are both self aware and socially conscious. They love the feeling of being in charge and having others depend upon you.


Sexy and alluring, no doubt. Gemini Monthly Horoscope. Sign Up. She's studied astrology in London and India, specialising in the fashion and beauty of the stars. Ruled by Jupiter. Those born between November 16 and 21 might feel the intensity growing but the full impact will come in the next few years.

They dislike common people and hate any kind of treason. Those born under this sign enjoy settings where they can show how tactile and mysterious they can be. Positive traits: These natives are curious about a lot of things and posses a vast awareness but are also rapid to begin all kinds of discovery projects. They are very private about many things but are also poised and loyal so they make in general very honorable mates.

Once someone wins their dignity consideration and maintains it they usually have it for better or worse as they are very respectable when it comes to these things.

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Negative traits: Possessive and controlling, these natives need to learn how to take things easier because not everyone can live with these aggressive moments that they are triggering because of their insecurities. They are very moody and clingy and often come up with fixed ideas that they find very hard to abandon. They should also cool things down with their constant complaining because everyone around them is probably sick of that.

Lovers born on November 17 are passionate and mysterious. They find it very hard to commit to one person, but when they do they become very loyal and reliable. Although they don't usually show it, they are very sensible and easily offended and should be handled with great care. They are attracted to persons who know how to combine praise with constructive criticism.

You can conquer the heart of Scorpio if you are always there listening when they feel the need to open their hearts. Charming lovers they are always enthusiastic although sometimes unpredictable and hard to understand. If their loved one is patient and honest they are likely to open to them and their love will progress fast. They are persistent and courageous in a practical way so they will be a great part of their family team once they decide to settle for someone.

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They are most compatible with those born on 1st, 4th, 8th, 10th, 13th, 17th, 19th, 22th, 26th, 28th and 31st. November 17 Zodiac people are most attached to the other two water signs: Cancer and Pisces as they tend to share the same vision of life.

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In love, Scorpio is in a constant search for stability and protection and the best to offer them this is the native in Taurus. The least compatible with people born on November 17 are those born under Libra. As for the rest of compatibilities between the other star signs and Scorpio, you know what they say, stars predispose but people dispose. Deep red as a hue, is the symbol of depth and mystery coupled with the energy of pure red.

This zodiac color should be used in objects that surround the natives. People who have deep red as sign color are sophisticated, methodical and have a mysterious yet calming presence. Someone who wears it is seen as serious and conservative but this can sometimes be a front for an insecure and avoidant personality. The Scorpio birthstone used in astrology for those with November 17 is the gracious Topaz. This is a precious stone that symbolizes friendship and strength.

This zodiac birthstone could be used in accessories and bracelets. This birthstone is thought to reveal new ways of interaction with the outside world and also enhance innate characteristics of an individual. This is an orange stone with pink undertones that was worn by the Russian Czars. Another birthstone considered beneficial for Scorpio natives is Garnet.

It symbolizes constancy and equilibrium.